Friday, June 19, 2009

How do I find articles on Blacks in GenealogyBank?

A: Interesting question. You will need to use specific names and keyword search terms associated with Blacks over the past 300 years.

Search for specific individuals by name like "Martin Luther King". Click here to read the Dallas Morning News 5 April 1968 when he was killed.

TIP: Put names in quotes - "Martin Luther King" - so that your search will focus in on just articles where the person you are searching for is mentioned.

When former slave John Wiley died in 1918 it was a banner headline and a front page story in the Belleville News Democrat (20 May 1918). Click here to read the article.

You should also use keyword search terms that were used over the past 300 years. For example terms like: slave, slavery, African-American, NAACP, AME Church; and Civil Rights Movement will generate millions of hits in GenealogyBank.

You will then want to narrow down your search results by state, specific newspaper or by date range.

Please let me know if this answers your question.


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