Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y

I am often asked: Do you have Canadian newspapers in GenealogyBank?

Well, no we don't - but that's not the question you want to ask.

Tip: I have been researching my family tree for 45 years and I can tell you that you'll find the information on your family where you least expect to find it.

Here's a wedding announcement for Alexander James Ross of Winnipeg, Manitoba and Mary Moore McArthur of Picton, Nova Scotia - they were married in Chicago 6 March 1882. (Inter Ocean 14 March 1882).
GenealogyBank has over 3,800 newspapers - all of them published in the United States - but it has several million articles, records and documents on Canadians.

Newspapers were published - every day.

And everyday editors had to fill the next day's paper & they wanted to sell papers.

So they pulled "news" from a wide circle of influence. Birth announcements, marriage announcements, and obituaries from small towns and big cities were included.

Just like CNN or Fox News - the daily newspapers had to fill their pages with hard news. News that people wanted to read and that would sell subscriptions.

If you are researching Canadian genealogy then GenealogyBank is an essential online tool.

Eastport, Maine is a small town on the Maine coast right on the border with New Brunswick, Canada.

As you would expect this newspaper regularly carried birth, death and marriage announcements from the Canadian side of the border.

Look at this example of marriage notices published in the 29 March 1828 Eastport ME) Sentinnel. Look at the places mentioned "Lubec" - "Dennysville" - "St. Andrews" - "Antigua" - "St. Stephens" and "Charlotte". Towns on both sides of the border and "Antigua" refers to the island nation of Antigua.

Nothing unusual here - just a typical day with a newspaper editor packing his paper with the information his readers wanted to read.

Just like GenealogyBank - everyday we pack in more resources that genealogists need and rely on. You're not finished with your research until you've searched the newspapers in GenealogyBank.

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  1. Hi, My name is Vonnie Ramos I'm trying to find what happen to my Great Uncle Kostanty (Konstanty) Kruszewski he come over from Poland my Grandfather Frank Kruszewski had sent for him in 1913. They lived in Pittsburgh PA. I have found a few things on him through I found a 1920 census where he was with his wife Sofie they were naturalized in 1916 I can't find those papers. There's nothing in 1930 or 1940 census. I had talked to a few family members and they said the wife had died in a fire, but I don't know when or where or how it happen. I have tried to look in newspaper but nothing. I tried The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, but i guess they don't like to share there information. I found a Draft Registration card, but on it, it has his wife as Ellenior this was 1942 so I'm not sure about that. I did find his grave in I'm trying to find what happen to his wife and him after 1920. Any help you can give I would be great full.
    Thank you